Christmas Collection

Branchies Bunches stock beautiful fresh cut christmas trees. Top quality low drop Nordman trees are available in store late November. You can come and choose your own and take away on the day or place an order for a specific collection date.

Branchies Bunches offer a wide range of products for christmas including a range of wreaths. We stock lovely artifical wreaths plus fresh holly wreaths perfect for gravestones. Door wreaths are also made to order! Candle arrangements, garlands, posies, gift bouquets and more, we offer it all in store!

Another product range is our stunning memorial section, we stock a variety of plaques and picks. Our memorial section includes christmas plaques, windchimes, hearts, gates to heaven and more.

Plus we offer a local delivery service to add the element of suprise to your loved one. In store we supply a range of cards and balloons which you can add to your order if you wish.

Take a look through our product range online, alternatively contact Hannah on 07753106182 for any enquiries or to place an order.

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